Artist's Statement

Photographing nature is not only meditative and therapeutic, but more importantly, it gets me outdoors.  I have spent countless hours hiking in forests, trekking in mountains, fishing in rivers and walking in gardens and arboretums, trying to capture the feeling of timelessness and sense of wonder that we are standing in a sacred space.

Photography has become the medium to express my love for the mysterious compositions and beauty I find being in nature.  When I’m connected to my photography there is a deep feeling of peace and wholeness—of being exactly where I need to be.

Published Portfolios LensWork, April 2023 All About Photo Magazine, February 2021 Shadow and Light Magazine, May/June, 
 2018, Featured Photographer Black and White Magazine, June 2018 Seeing in Sixes, September 2017 Black and White Magazine, August 2016 LensWork, March/April 2014 LensWork, May/June 2010 Interviews • March 2014 An of Barry Guthertz by 
Brooks Jensen, Editor/Publisher of LensWork Magazine seen in March/April 2014.